Board of Directors

Matt Bucher – Founder and President

Bio/Qualifications- I started riding motorcycles/all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s) as early as 3 years old.  Needless to say I’ve been hooked ever since.  I have gotten to race motorcycles on 3 different continents and 4 different countries and am honored in doing so.  In the winter of 2008 I started the Toledo Trail Riders.  I am extremely proud of the groups accomplishments and progress, and I am privileged to help lead the group in its endeavors.  I am confident I can utilize my education, business skills, and knowledge of the power sports industry to help the Toledo Trail Riders develop into something greater.

Contact:; (419) 392-7117

Jim McDonald – Secretary

Bio/Qualifications- I have been an active participant in the off-road riding community for over 25 years, enjoying both off-road riding and racing.  I have spent numerous hours at the Maumee State Forest over the years, ultimately teaching my son to ride at this local riding spot.  He has grown up in the sport and is now attending college, training to be a factory Powersports Technician.  I have been a member of the Toledo Trail Riders for the past few years and have attending a number of the volunteer work meetings.

Kevin Campbell – Treasurer and Vice President

Bio/Qualifications –I have been lucky enough to be around dirt bikes my entire life thanks to my father. The first bike I ever rode was a 1970 Honda Z50 at 5 years old. At age 11 I started riding and racing regularly and have been fully engulfed in the sport ever since. After obtaining some serious injuries from motocross 2009 I took a small step back from the sport to focus on getting a degree and starting a career. Flash forward to 2017, my career is going great and I am able to spend more time (and money) riding. I view the the Toledo Trail Riders as a great way to get involved in a sport I love and to help our sport grow at a local level right here in NW Ohio.

Andy Clark – Board Member At Large

I have been riding , racing, and enjoying motorcycles for 50+ years. I’ve been fortunate enough to ride trail systems all over our great country and beyond. Through motorcycling, I have had many wonderful experiences and made great friends including many of the members of Toledo trail riders. I have been involved in multiple clubs, organizations, and associations over the years in a variety of different roles and can bring those experiences to our group. I have been involved on some level in TTR since it’s early days. I appreciate the group for improving and maintaining the Maumee state forest riding area, promoting responsible off-road riding in our area, encouraging and involving riders of all ages and skill levels, and making riding more enjoyable through the camaraderie of its members. I am happy to participate in any way  I can to help the group grow and prosper.

Jason Holbrook – Board Member At Large

Bio/Qualifications- My love for motorcycles started young when I was introduced to my cousins early 70’s Z50 & CT70. My teenage years, in the1980’s, were spent trail riding and riding local motocross tracks on a CR 80 & 125 with my buddies.  Entering my college years, away from home, I was forced to sell my motorcycles in pursuit of a career, and couldn’t afford the time or money to get back into it for another 20 Years!  In 2008 I bought a 1999 KDX 220 to teach my young nephews how to ride, then in 2015 I met Greg Fleniken (TTR Member) and started riding with him at the Maumee State Forest and was hooked all over again. Since then, having gotten to know the club members, I realized I had been reintroduced to my clan of people, not only enjoying the riding but more so the comradery and inclusiveness of the club.  Toledo Trail Riders unearthed an earlier passion, something I didn’t even know I missing.  For a number of years now I have found TTR to be a source of friendship, good natured exercise, and an outlet to give back to a sport that meant so much to me in my earlier life.  Some of my most exciting experiences since have been meeting new families with children who share the same passions I had at their age and being part of a group that gives them a welcome safe environment for them to pursue similar interests that we all have.  Without the team of Toledo Trail Riders, many of us, and these families, would never engage in the sport nor have a place to start, and I want to see those opportunities maintained for the next generation.

Mark Mallory – Board Member At Large

Bio/Qualifications – One ride on a minibike in 1974 changed my life. Went from riding in fields and local woods until the bike ran out of gas or it got dark and pushed it home. Try letting our kids do that today. To racing at Dirt Rider Park and Delta. Started riding Harescrambles because you rode for 2 hours not 6 laps. Have been riding at the Maumee State Forest since 1978 and Michigan ORV trails since 1980. My wife and I enjoy riding our 1985 Goldwing. My passion is to see our kids and grandkids have a place to enjoy the experience we do. I have been a member of T.T.R. since 2015 card # 24. I am ready, willing and able to help move the T.T.R forward.

Ray Gardner – Board Member At Large

Bio/Qualifications- I started riding motorcycles/all- terrain cycles (ATC’s) at age 14 much to dismay of my mom (which continues today). My early  machines where essentially project bikes left for dead that where resurrected and ridden unknowingly forcing me to develop my motorcycle mechanical repair skills. Regardless of my ability to keep these machines running, a longing for a modern machine always existed. This desire had me gravitate to Cagivas (a bike farthest   from my financial means at the time in 1986). Years later this missed opportunity turned into a hobby by launching and running the website to connect the like minded Cagivaphobes of the world. Beyond just running a website the necessity for         replacement parts drove me to find vendors to make replacement parts for these rare   machines, some of which are still for sale today. This sharing of critical historical & technical knowledge along with building industry relationships continued until international living conditions made it impossible to maintain while on a work assignment.  I love exploring and riding the unknown. The idea of hoping on the bike and setting off into the unknown wilderness has been a point of excitement and desire since I first started riding. This desire was finally fulfilled but also further ignited when a few fellow TTR members and myself participated in several of the LA-Barstow to Vegas events. Through my travels, I have managed to secure riding in 10 different states along with international riding in Thailand, Hong Kong & Vietnam which in turn has allowed me to see different perspectives on the sport & event organization. I am confident I can utilize my education, business skills, networking ability and knowledge of the automotive industry along with my passion for off road riding to help the Toledo Trail Riders develop into something greater and expand its presence and size.

Martin Wheeler – Board Member At Large

Bio/Qualifications-I started riding about 5 years of age, I can say primitive but yet still on 2 wheels and riding. The days of riding Briggs and Stratton mini bikes to Benelli Dynamo 65  to Hodaka Wombat and now KTM’s and Husky’s, has made for some great stories and memories. I have had the opportunity to race and be part of some great rides over the past 49 years. Stepping away from riding for a short time a few years ago due to limited riding areas has brought a renewed drive to promote and preserve our riding areas and rights. I moved from an area that has millions of riding acres to a area with little or none. That will make you stop and realize what you have or don’t have. Having children both boys and girls that enjoy the sport and now grand children every opportunity to venture out on a ride is a cherished moment. We as a family have opened and currently run a Motocross track with weekly practices and monthly races. I feel privileged to be asked to assist with the promotion of the safety and the advancement of our sport. I do believe that I can help with the growth and activities within the sport locally.

Tracy Wyckoff – Board Member At Large

Bio/Qualifications – I started riding motorcycles at the age of 5. My first mini bike was a Indian trail bike. The bike very was very used up by my two older brothers by the time I got it. My second bike was a used 1974 Honda Xr75 i purchased from my cousin. I must say it was a improvement over the Indian mini bike. My first new bike was a 1979 Honda cr125. I purchased it from Siegals Honda in Monroe Michigan for 900 dollars. First race i ever rode was at Delta in 1977. I rode dirt bikes until 1982, and in 1983 i started riding on the street. Then in 1985 i started drag racing bikes until 1990. In 2003 i bought a trail bike and started riding off road again. 2008 i went to my first MX track in 26yrs. I must say a lot changed in my time out. I currently still ride trails and MX. I can say riding makes 99% of all worries go away. I’ve met so many wonderful people since I started riding dirt again. One of the best things about riding is spending time with my kids. I only have one child still riding but we get out as much as possible.