Inception:  After President and Founder Matt Bucher’s dad Paul witnessed two riders lose their lives at the Maumee State Forest APV area in the later 1990’s and 2000’s,  Matt met with Donald Schmenk, ODNR forest manager of Maumee State Forest in December of 2008 to discuss the future of the APV area and its current needs.  It was determined that a volunteer group would be formed to help clean up trails, parking areas, and help design trails. In the Spring of 2009, the Toledo Trail Riders was certified by the ODNR as a strategic partner when concerning the Maumee State Forest APV area.

 Mission Statement: “To use and promote the safety and enjoyment of the Maumee State Forest APV area.”

Historical Events of the Toledo Trail Riders:


  • June 2009 – Performed very first volunteer day. A total of 4 volunteers cleaned up litter, pruned protruding vegetation, cleaned off trail markers.
  • Flyers were distributed at the Maumee State Forest APV parking area to help gain interest from other APV users.
  • The website: toledotrailriders.com was created, implemented, and hosted by one of the original members of the Toledo Trail Riders, Jeff Taylor.  An e-mail list was formed, starting with approximately 4 on the mailing list.  As of 1/25/11, there are approximately 50+ on the email list.
  • Fall 2009 – In partnership with the DNR, part of the west side trails of the APV area were re-routed to help reduce rider speed, thus reducing the risk of injuries or death.
  • Fall 2009 – Volunteer day with 8 Toledo Trail Riders participating.
  • E-mail list continues to grow


  • April 2010 – 1st volunteer day of the year. Over a dozen volunteers participated in litter pickup and vegetation pruning in the rain.
  • June 5, 2010 – An F2 Tornado cuts an 8 mile long path through portions of Fulton and Lucas Counties, wiping out most of Maumee State Forest APV trails. The APV trails are closed until further notice.
  • Summer and early fall 2010 – Logging crews work tirelessly to remove downed trees.
  • October 24, 2010 – DNR forest manager, Donald Schmenk summons the help of the Toledo Trail Riders to walk the trails on foot to pick up and remove wood debris, vegetation, roots, and litter from the APV trails. Approximately 25 Toledo Trail Riders were there.  A press release is sent to local media.  Toledo news Channels 11 and 13 cover tornado clean up day, as well as the AMA magazine.
  • November 2010 – Maumee State Forest Trails are re-opened.
  • December 2010 – Memorial Ride for Ken Peckham, a Toledo Trail Rider member.


  • January 2011 – Meeting with ODNR Recreation and Resource Management in Columbus, Ohio.
  • February-April- 2.25 miles of trail approved for the Maumee State Forest APV area by ODNR
  • June 5th– Volunteer Day
  • June 24, 2011- Support Letter for ODNR written to Yamaha OHV Grant for trail expansion proposal
  • Fall of 2011- 2.25 miles of additional trail implemented


  • Spring of 2012- Parking Lot expanded to more than double of current size and paved
  • Fall of 2012- Relationship started with Dawn Christen, Attorney at Gallon, Takacs, Boissoneault &Schaffer Co., LPA, to create a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Board of Directors selected for Toledo Trail Riders


  • January 19, 2013- First meeting with Board of Directors of Toledo Trail Riders


  • May 2014- First ever charity event “Lap’s for Hannah’s Socks” at the Maumee State Forest- Riders raise approximately $1,400 for those in need
  • July 1, 2014- Toledo Trail Riders becomes an IRS approved 501(c)(3) Non-Profit


  • January 2015- New Logo with .org was incorporated into business
  • January 24, 2015- TTR hosts first ever public meeting and membership launch at Championship Powersports in Wauseon, OH- (20) people sign-up on the spot
  • July 2015- TTR submits proposal for first ever Single-Track trails at the Maumee State Forest APV area to ODNR. ODNR approves in Fall of 2015 for a .75 mile trail on the West Side of the APV Area


  • Membership grows to 49 members
  • Single – Track Installed – TBD
  • Promoted and ran our first AMA District 14 Harescramble at Bundy Hill Off-Road Park in Jerome, MI (May 22, 2016)


  • Membership increased to 72 members
  • May 2017- “Fallen Timbers Classic” harescramble- 193 racers @ Griffin Hines Farm in Swanton, OH
  • October, 2017- “Laps for Sertoma” charity event
  • November 2017- Final fall cleanup of single-track trail.


  • Membership increases to 75 members
  • July – Fallen Timbers Classic 2 draws 229 racers at Griffin Hines Farm in Swanton, OH
  • July – 11 members attend CCC of Michigan’s “Six Days of Michigan” trail ride in Grayling, Michigan
  • August- maintenance of Single-Track trail
  • October- 6 members attend the “Fall Color Tour” in Rose, City Michigan
  • October 21- “Laps for Whitehouse Fire Company” annual charity event, $1,910 raised
  • November 10- CSAW chainsaw class. 10 Members of TTR now certified to help remove downed trees on the APV trails.


  • April – Single-Track Maintenance Day at the MSF, featuring BCAN (Buckeye Cable Arts Network)
  • June – Receipient of Yamaha OAI Grant $5,175.58
  • July – 12 Members of TTR Ride the CCC of Michigan’s “Six Days of Michigan” in Indian River, MI.
  • July 31- Single-track maintenance at MSF
  • September 7/8- Tyler Vore ISDE School, Public Ride Day, and the Fallen Timbers Classic 3District 14 Harescramble
  • Fall 2019- New Single-Track Trail Installation at the Maumee State Forest APV Area